Just because you’re an adult


Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tell people where you’re going and with whom. If something happens to you how am I supposed to tell people where to look?

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Glow x

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Plastinated circulatory system

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this picture is so important

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Remember when Romney lost the election so somebody created White People Mourning Romney and collected various people crying over Romney’s loss

Still so funny.

I smile so broadly my cheeks hurt.

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… and that’s shade.

Prints this and hands to every white gay I ever encounter.

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Trust and love right there



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Saturn’s rings reveal how to make a moon


London, UK (SPX) Apr 17, 2014
Writing in the journal Icarus this week, Professor Carl Murray from Queen Mary’s Astronomy Unit reports that recently discovered disturbances at the very edge of Saturn’s outer bright A ring result from a small icy object that formed within the ring and which may be in the process of migrating out of it. They have nicknamed the object, ‘Peggy’. “We hadn’t seen anything like this before,” e
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Lmao tf

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cocacolatitties asked: But isn't AAVE part of black culture? Like I've seen too many non black POC use AAVE and it's really pisses me off. Why did you label it as an "first language" thing?




Because there are a lot of black people who don’t speak AAVE and a lot of non-black people who do.

I have personally witnessed black kool aid drinkers appropriate AAVE despite it not being a language they were raised with,yet shit all over black people. It’s kind of stereotypical to create this monolithic image of all black people speaking AAVE too when we as a whole come from many different backgrounds.

I have also witnessed especially immigrant/refugee populations placed in poor black neighborhoods and schools and jobs. I volunteered for three years with an organization that literally did that. These people, often considered black themselves once they come to the U.S. (but also Korean/Southeast Asian/Koran populations in my city specifically) adopt AAVE because it’s the English they’re around, and it’s rude of me to assert that they can’t speak it when it’s the only English they speak and when there was such a complex/emotional acquisition of AAVE on their part in the first place.

The difference between cultural exchange and cultural appropriation. 

Very good point.

I really don’t feel like frozen felt the same as other Disney blockbusters.What was his part in the movie? What was he for? How integral is he to the plot? I feel like he’s more important to the marketing department…not so much the movie.

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